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Online learning at Ƶ is all about youinteracting with your fellow learners and tutors through online discussions, seminars and groupwork.Usingvideos, podcasts, online chat, quizzes, case studies and games, weoffer an engaging, multi-media student experience. Gone are the days of isolated, distance self-study and workbooks.

Many of Ƶ’s niche areas of expertise readily lend themselves to online learning. Online learning offers students across the world access to our highly specialised knowledge. We call upon a pool of informed, international experts to share the latest developments in their subject area, discussing issues relevant to our learners’ professional lives. The hallmark of our developing approach to online learning involves fostering online communities of learners. Online learning at Ƶ is not a solitary activity. Instead, technology facilitates conversations and a communal approach to learning. Learning is interesting, interactive, supportive – and flexible.

Online learning has several benefits for our students:

  • You can study in a flexible way, balancing your work and family commitments.
  • You can study at you own pace, at times and places that suit you.
  • You can meet and engage with fellow students in online seminars.
  • You can easily access, revise, and review up-to-date online materials, informing discussions about cutting-edge research and its impact on practice.

As more of our students grow up in an online world, these benefits will become increasingly important in future.

At Ƶ, online learning provides students with access to specialised knowledge, in a comfortable, friendly community-based online environment. Online learning is a great solution for learners who need flexibility to allow them to study. As technology continues to transform the way we live, so it will continue to change the way we learn.

Please see individual course entries for details of online delivery.

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