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A university without borders

Queen Ƶt University is an outward looking university, engaging with local, national and international communities. We welcome students from all around the world and we work with partners in many different countries.

Located in Scotland’s , Edinburgh, we offer students the opportunity to experience life in a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that is renowned as centre of learning

It is important to us that our graduates, wherever they come from, have a broad global perspective and skills that will enable them to live and work anywhere. We encourage student exchanges and are proud that many students from Europe and beyond come to study with us, enriching the classroom experience for everyone.

We are also proud of our teaching partnerships overseas, that allow students to achieve a Ƶ degree while studying in their own country. The students and graduates of Ƶ programmes overseas are an important part of the University community.

Queen Ƶt University is delighted to partner with a number of colleges and universities across the globe, with articulations in Canada, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and India. These agreements allow students to join courses at Queen Ƶt University in Edinburgh, often with advance standing to reflect studies that have already been completed.Please refer to each college or university for full details of the entry conditions, advance standing (credit transfer) and tuition fee discounts that may apply.

If you are completing your studies at any other overseas institution, and would like to be considered for a place on one of our courses, please contact us at International@qmu.ac.uk

Our international strategy

Our international strategy sets out how we will continue to extend our reach internationally and how we will welcome international students and partner organisations into our community. The strategy focuses on:

An increased international reach – growing the number of international students on campus; increasing the range and depth of its transnational education partnerships; and developing research partnerships with non-UK universities.

An excellent student experience – enhancing and diversifying the ways in which we deliver learning and support students, so as to meet the needs of a wider range of learners. We will expand our range of blended and online learning expand so as to reach a broader group of students.

A strong research culture

A university without borders – we see the University community as much more than the buildings and staff at our home campus, and are committed to being outward looking and inclusive, and to working with external organisations.

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