Alumni and Friends

Join an extended community of fellow alumni from around the world.

Graduates of Queen Ƶt University, and all of its predecessor institutions, are part of a community of over 30,000 alumni from over 90 countries around the world whose knowledge, achievements and expertise are recognised in fields such as politics, health care, business and the arts. Our alumni community includes graduates from our courses at our partner institutions across the world as well as from our campus in Edinburgh.

Our graduates are hugely important to us and we are keen for you to continue to contribute to the life of the University long after graduation. In turn, we will continue to support you long after graduation too.

Your life has been shaped by your Queen Ƶt University education, the connections you formed, and your experiences during that time and we are here to make sure you continue to feel part of Ƶ.

Development and Alumni Office

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Development and Alumni Office

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